Males and Wethers

We have a range of male alpacas which may be suitable for your requirements


Alpacas make wonderful pets, the more time you devote to them the friendlier they will become. As Alpacas are herd animals you will need two or more for company, we have a range of colours and ages to choose from.

Herd Guards

Alpacas are often run with lambing ewes and goats to reduce the predation by foxes, they bond easily with sheep and goats with their natural protective instincts.

Larger, mature adult alpacas 2 years or older, preferably wethers or infertile females are suitable for guarding other livestock. Entire males should never be used as they may injure other livestock by attempting to mate them.

Certified Male Sires

As we are reducing our numbers we have Suri Sires for sale, please contact us for details and pricing